Theory Seminar

A(n almost) Universal Algorithm for Global Minimum Cut

Speaker: Sagnik Mukhopadhyay, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Time: 5PM, 27th October, 2021


Consider the following 2-respecting min-cut problem: Given a weighted graph G and its spanning tree T, find the minimum cut among the cuts that contain at most two edges in T. This problem is an important subroutine in Karger’s celebrated randomized near-linear-time min-cut algorithm [STOC'96]. I will present a new approach for this problem which can be easily implemented in many settings, such as sequential, cut-query, streaming, PRAM, distributed CONGEST, and 2-party communication protocol, each achieving the state of the art.

In this talk, I will focus on the cut-query and communication setting. No additional background other than basic graph algorithms and probability is necessary for following the talk.

This is a culmination of three papers with co-authors Danupon Nanogkai, Yuval Efron, Michal Dory, and Andrés Lopez Martinez.


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