Security & Privacy

Computer security or cybersecurity is the protection of cyber systems and computer networks from the disclosure of information, damage to physical and virtual infrastructure, electronic data, as well as from interruption of the services they provide. The cybersecurity field is becoming important because of the growing dependence on computers, the Internet, wireless communications standards (e.g., Bluetooth and Wi-Fi), as well as the increasing number of “smart” IoT devices. Due to a variety of reasons, cybersecurity has become one of the major challenges of the modern IT age.

Information privacy, also known as data privacy or data protection, is the relationship between the acquisition and dispersion of users' data, technology, users' expectation of privacy, and the issues around them. Data protection is challenging to provide as data collector wants to use the collected data at the same time protecting users' preferences on personally identifiable information.

At CSTAR, we focus on developing efficient as well as secure algorithms, protocols, and techniques to enhance cybersecurity in a variety of mainstream areas of research and to protect user’s privacy.

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