Security, Theory, and Algorithms deals with the funadmental discpline in Computer Sciene dealing with how to devise efficient algorithms for various problems, modeling and abstractization of various concepts, and security guarantees of the computation when operating in an adverse environment. Some of the problems lie at the intersection of multiple domains and require a combination of theoretical rigor and practical acceptability. The center participated actively in societal projects such as Virtual Laboratories for Data Structures and Principles of Information Security.      

The center is working on several cutting edge problems in several areas such as distributed and multi-core algorithms, system and network security, data structures, secure multiparty computation, and the like. Distributed algorithms for symmetry breaking via randomization, and a formal study of fault-tolerance of distributed computing are presently being pursued actively. Secure solutions for problems arising in the field of system security and network security such as security of routing protocols, efficient authentication protocols, are under active study. Some of these use key management techniques. Similarly, data structures for geometric queries such as range searching, maximal and skyline points that support efficient querying are being designed.    

The center also works on conceptualizing and abstracting the fundamental computation in several inter-disciplinary areas. In this direction, secure algorithms for computer vision based problems such as video surveillance, security of robotic systems, and the like are studied recently. The center also works on efficient implementations of parallel algorithms on present generation architectures such as the GPU, the IBM Cell, and other multi-core architectures.    

The center also runs a post-graduate program, M. Tech., in Computer Science and Information Security under the aegis of the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (MCIT), Goverment of India. The center teaches several advanced courses in the above areas such as System and Network Security, Research in Information Security, Complexity and Advanced Algorithms, apart from supporting the core courses for the undergraduate programmes of the institute.    

Current Research Areas 

  • System and network security       
  • Security issues in wireless sensor networks       
  • Multicore and manycore computing       
  • Quantam information theory       
  • Quantam information processing       
  • Distributed graph algorithms       
  • Cryptography        
  • Geometric algorithms and data structures for large scale VLSI layouts